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Our top quality cards and gift wrap are available in many well-known store brands throughout the UK.


These are called on by our team of dedicated franchisees and merchandisers who by servicing your displays once a month, ensure the displays are fully stocked and planned to achieve optimum sales.


Latest new designs releases are made available every visit. No stock write off, no initial outlay, immediate profit and no financial risk.


And if you are part of a national account or buying group the invoice can be paid centrally.


Display Options


This is just a small sample selection of the types of display options that we have supplied to our retailers on free loan.


Our displays are not only planned to the physical needs of your store but to the selection of the cards we put on the display to meet consumer demands. We are not called Plan-it Cards for nothing. The story is complete with eye-catching Point of Sale and caption highlighters directing and prompting.


1 metre card unit x 21 tier.
6 cards across width.
126 pockets.
1 metre (1040mm) unit x 12 tier.
Designed to give you an extra row of cards.
7 cards across width. 84 pockets.
Complete with in-store point of sale.
20 pocket wire wall rack x 3.
Gondola End.
6 cards across width.
60 pockets.
1 metre acrylic unit x 21 tier.
With 1 metre gift wrap zig-zag.
6 cards across width. 126 pockets.
Complete with in-store point of sale.
2 metre acrylic unit x 16 tier. Continuous run. Descriptive side panels.12 cards across width. 192 pockets.
1.65 metre acrylic unit x 14 tier. Continuous run. Hooks for gift bags & gift wrap. 11 cards across width. 154 pockets.

Acrylic Units

Visually striking. Lightweight. Durable. These contemporary 'continuous run' units provide flexible display solutions. With a small footprint they are excellent where space is a premium.

Ideal for existing gondola end space and slat wall.

Dimensions: available in one piece and in a range of widths up to 1.33m with choices of tiers and height up to 2m, 21 tier.


Where depth is the limiting factor more pockets can be achieved through using a split tier approach to bring forward higher tiers.


Waterfall Units

Freestanding and built to last. Populated by our eye catching designs they ensure the product has maximum impact. Creates a focal point for your greetings card message.

Dimensions: 1400cm high and 60cm deep.

Available in 1m, 1.2m and 1.25m length.

12, 15 and 21 tier high.


Wire Wall Racks

Ideal for bold displays where wall space is limited e.g. on doors, pillars or awkward spaces. Very flexible, easy to install. Starting with a standard wall rack (2 pockets across and 10 pockets down) a dramatic visual display can be achieved just by adding additional units.

Dimensions: 153cm high 31cm length 6cm deep.


Retail Overview

How do we work?

We visit once a month, and collect the money for the cards sold at the end of our visit. On our visit we re-plenish your display with fresh stock and introduce new designs as appropriate. With Plan-it Cards you only pay for what you sell. There is no stock write off, no initial outlay, immediate profit and no financial risk.


We have over 400 designs available across different sizes and price points so our range is broad in appeal. Everyday Birthday cards as well as extensive Occasions, Relations and Age titles are available. Packeted gift wrap completes the Everyday display. Seasonal ranges (Christmas, Valentines, Mother’s Day, Easter and Father’s Day) are introduced at the appropriate times of the year.


Our product says more about us than a thousand words. If you need to stock it we have it.


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Retail Opportunities

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Retail Outlets
Display Options
How do we work?

I have been selling Plan-it Cards since I introduced greetings cards to my shop in January 2008.

Plan-it Cards have constantly updated my display equipment. Beginning with a small wall rack, moving onto a spinner and now I have a wall display as well as a card unit.

I appreciate the regular service I receive and the timely delivery of seasonal cards.

More importantly my customers like the quality and range of cards available.

Store Owner
Costcutter, Wolverhampton