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The Life Work Balance

What was it that attracted you to running your own business?

‘’Before I had my daughter I ran a trim shop, for a company who supplied the MoD. I did not think about working again until she had started school, as I did not want to leave her with a childminder. I was attracted to running my own business for the flexible hours, and being able to work from home.

Once she started school, buying the business was great for me as I could decide when to work and still did not have to have a childminder.

It is hard to believe but I have now been running this business for more years than I care to remember, and as my daughter has grown up I have been able to spend more time building up the business.

There are always daily challenges in any business but I enjoy what I do. At the end of it though I know the more time I spend building up the business the greater the rewards. That’s a great feeling.’’

Why Plan-it Cards?

‘’I love greetings cards and it is a friendly ‘people’ business to be involved with. Working with the range of cards we have is lovely as they are bright and colourful and you don’t get bored! There are new designs coming out all the time.

I get regular feedback and support from Plan-it Cards and I feel that as I’ve grown my franchise business the support they have been able to offer has matched my progress. I cannot think of anything I do not like about the business.’’

What is it like running your own business?

‘’You must work hard, but the rewards are very good and fulfilling when you look at what you have achieved. Going into business, especially as a woman, is not easy and is no excuse for an easy life. I like not having to answer to a boss, being able to work from home and organising my time and myself. And if I need any advice I know Plan-it Cards are there at the other end of the phone.’’

The Future?

‘’Even in the current economic climate the business continues to grow. Plan-it Cards are developing our national account contacts and with this growth I am expanding the business on to the next stage. Space is important to expand and so I have bought a summer house which my husband David has fitted out as a ‘card house’, so I can pick, pack and organise my daily merchandising runs better.

I have a good size of territory. You need time to spend developing it, as there is always opportunities to open new shops and extend the business. It is always important to have achievable business goals and I look forward, to having 150 good performing sites spread throughout my territory.’’

Jacky Francis, Plan-it Cards Shropshire Area Franchisee


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