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In business for yourself, but not by yourself

Roger Johnson joined the Plan-it Cards network in 2016. An ex-Londis retailer with management experience with some the biggest corporate names in business, Roger felt it was time to get back to basics and put all the skills he had learned into practice once more.

"I wasn't quite ready to retire and had narrowed down my choice to working with greetings cards. It was a nice friendly product and I felt it was a big enough market to make a living out of.

I did thorough research on all the greetings cards franchisees before deciding on Plan-it Cards. I knew I had transferrable management skills that would work in a retail environment. Retail was something I was comfortable with, so all I had to do was make the right choice. Having lived and worked all over the country I also wanted to work in my home patch of Worcestershire, and tailor my knowledge to suit my needs.

I found when going through the interview process that Plan-it Cards was a natural fit. I was impressed with the products and the on-going management support they offered.

I knew something about franchising having been a Londis retailer with four shops. I saw the benefit of joining an established brand, being part of a bigger organisation, whilst still maintaining control of my own business and success. I wanted flexibility and being able to service the accounts to suit the changes I was making to my lifestyle.

I found the initial training covered by Plan-it Cards very comprehensive and particularly suited to my needs. The in-house training days gave me the opportunities to compare notes and discuss the day to day management of the territory with fellow like-minded franchisees. I found it invaluable.

All the backroom operational stuff was very well explained so I could open for business, but the support didn’t stop there. Support is on-going as the team are always on hand, either by telephone or on the ground, to help me take advantage of the opportunities available.

I bought a small but established franchise so I was making money from day one. So far, I have been concentrating on getting to know my territory and building relationships with my retailers - this takes time.

Business is all about customer loyalty. By following the Plan-it Cards system, I visit my customers once a month, changing over the designs and freshening up the displays with new material, which comes out regularly. This maintains the connection. I’m really a people person and enjoy getting out and about meeting people. I've never been a 9 to 5 office based person.

I recommend that anyone interested in self-employment who needs to reduce the level of risk associated with starting a new business should consider investing in a Plan-it Cards franchise business."

Roger Johnson, Plan-it Cards Worcester & Gloucester Area Franchisee


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